good ‘ol days

Miss d days when we went to school, lined up & D
headmistress & teachers inspect our nails & uniform
&den we match to our classrooms,
U Remember na??
• D days of Nasco Biscuit, okin biscuit Trebor, Iced
Colored water tied in nylon we called it “lolly”
• D days of Goody-Goody&pak o Biscuit. X_X
• D days of ali & simbi,Mr Salami & Mrs Salami, Agbo
lives in Calabar.

• Chei, i remember those day
s when one naira na money,when groundnut was
5kobo. & choco milo sweet was 5 kobo
• days of messing game,who is in d garden, police and
• D days of mama & papa play
• days when we use to build houses with sand, play
suwe game,tinco tinco,change ƔU̶̲̥̅̊я style, ten ten,
skipping, stop! U remember nau!
•those days wen we used to fly kite on streets, wen
boys used to use d paint bucket cover as tire & their
daddy’s hanger as d steering
•those days when rubber band was stock exchange
•days when votron, jimbo, power rangers, spider man
was our favourite cartoons
• D days of limca soft drinks& choco milo advert on
black and white tv Nd̶̲̥̅̊ sunday rendevous by1:30pm
• when we say ‘leke leke give me white finger’
• Those days when eleganza pen was d best
• D days wen we used to drink water from d tap even
suck out d water if its not coming out
• D days when NTA will show rainbow color for 30 mins
then national anthem before they resume program @
4pm • D days were basket sandals,simbi nd Bata
sandals were d best
•Days wen we all sing sandalili sandalili songs, dstv
has come. No more old fun.
I’m really proud to have experienced all this. If u r nt
smiling it means u were nt born in my generation. N
wich means u ar d INDOMIE generation lol!
Abeg share make others laugh joor…….gud morning peeps!


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